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PT Maxima Global Multiteknik (Banten, Indonesia)

PT. MGM (PT. Maxima Global Multiteknik) which has more than 12 years experience in the laser field continues to grow and develop in accordance with the company's strategic plan. Many experiences and learning processes have been passed from year to year to make the company more advanced and remain committed to serving the needs of customers.

The trust given from various parties (government, private sector, and individuals) has made PT. MGM (PT. Maxima Global Multiteknik) is a provider of machines and laser equipment parts spread across various sectors such as in the IT sector (electronic components and consumer electronics), packaging (cigarettes, medical, beverage and food), auto parts (automotive components and Automotive interior), hardware (equipment and metal parts), and gift accessories (crystal, textiles, leather, and jewelry).

The commitment of PT. MGM (PT. Maxima Global Multiteknik) to provide the needs of laser machines and spare parts for consumers that can not be separated from the role of each member of PT. MGM in making improvements, stature and activities of visits to consumers with a variety of management and expertise in the laser field that is effective, efficient, and takes into account K3 (Occupational Health and Safety) standards and work environment.

PT. MGM (PT. Maxima Global Multiteknik) in machine excellence and laser machine repair will not run well without the support and good cooperation with all company partners (suppliers, banks, and HR who have high competence).

As a form of a series of learning processes and company experience through technology management and machine excellence, we are ready to meet the needs of laser machines and provide the best service.


Penyedia mesin dan suku cadang kebutuhan laser pengelasan, pemotongan dan grafir terbaik yang hanya dapat dicapat melalui komitmen PT. Maxima Global Multiteknik, dengan dukungan seluruh mitra perusahaan dan penerapa manajemen teknologi efektif dan efisien.


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