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Laser Cutting

Selling low-priced laser cutting

Laser cutting is a cutting machine that is widely used in various industrial applications. This cutting machine relies on laser / plasma as a blade / piece. Laser cutting machine is also known as Engraving. This device is designed with software that is connected to a laser machine. Laser cutting has a focus setting for lasers or plasma to have a large energy. objects that are passed by this laser beam will melt, burn, or evaporate depending on the use and type of material used.

The working principle of a plasma laser cutting machine is to emit a laser beam with a diameter of about ¾ inch when removed from the laser resonator. The laser beam is then deflected with a mirror to the focus lens that will concentrate the laser. The concentrated laser then exits through the nozzle together with the compressed gas which then both will cut or punch the workpiece.
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